IN BRIEF: Peter Agrafiotis has shown in solo and/or group exhibitions at Kouros Gallery, Dillon Gallery, Caelum Gallery, Lillian Heidenberg Gallery and The National Academy of Design in New York, and at Pucker Gallery, Soprafina Gallery and the Tanzer Gallery in Boston, in addition to galleries in other cities. His work is included in over a hundred corporate, private and public collections. Agrafiotis' paintings have been reproduced and/or written about in Newsweek, the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Art News, Art New England, American Artist and Greenwich Time. Catalog essays have been written by author and New Yorker Magazine contributor, Ann Beattie, and by Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Alison Lurie. Agrafiotis has been nominated four times for awards in painting at the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Comments about Agrafiotis' Work:

Days by the Sea: "…echoes of Turner’s oceanic romanticism and Rothko’s luminous abstract meditations."

Baron Wormser, Poet Laureate Emeritus, Maine

Abstracts: "Sumptuous. Lush. I haven't seen painting this gorgeous in a long time."

- IVAN KARP, O K Harris Works of Art

River Light: "Handsome pictures descended from an extraordinarily fecund and capacious tradition. They're clearly accomplished, put together by an artist fully in command of his skills, who knows what he's doing and how to do it."

- CARL BELZ, Director Emeritus, Rose Art Museum

Iconic Trees: "This work is strong stuff, truly iconic. It's as if you've burned your way through to some other form of light or apprehension."

- BARON WORMSER, Poet Laureate Emeritus, Maine

Interiors: ". . .remarkable as constructions of color and shape . . .numinous presences, both real and supernatural."

- ALISON LURIE, Author. Catalog essay - Pucker Gallery, Boston

Wisteria: ". . .gems that hypnotize . . .they seem like animated versions of states of mind."

- ANN BEATTIE, Author. Catalog essay - Pucker Gallery, Boston

"Agrafiotis' art seduces mercilessly, casting an aura that at first intimidates, then beckons…every detail seems to vibrate with meaning.' Indeed, part of the allure of these paintings is psychological distortion."

CHUCK KAPELKE, Boston Magazine

"There's a texture to these pictures, a dripping lushness or sultriness, a jungle density."

- CARL BELZ, Director Emeritus, Rose Art Museum