Praise for This Is Not My Bathing Suit:

Richard Deming, winner of the Farber Prize and professor of the philosophy of literature is the Director of Creative Writing, Yale University

“Bravo! I made my way with great pleasure through This Is Not My Bathing Suit. I read it slowly to let me really relish its keenly sharp wit and to laugh out loud, its charm winning me away from the thousands of places my head was going. I suspect that this book will be a cult hit—moving from person to person, building a passionate audience glad to be insiders and wanting to feel superior because they can recommend it to others (“Oh, really—you mean you haven’t read it? Well, I’ve read it twice….”). Well, maybe I’m projecting because I do feel vaguely superior to others because I have read it and I can express that by recommending it often. Thanks to Mr. Agrafiotis for bringing such a smart and funny book into the world. We have far too many that are one or the other, but not enough that are both.”

Mark Kramer, author of Invasive Procedures and Travels With a Hungry Bear. Kramer is founding director emeritus of the Neiman Program on Narrative Journalism, Harvard University. His website is

“Peter Agrafiotis’ novel, This Is Not My Bathing Suit, is knowing, sexy, wry and comic, with a strong narrative and endearing characters – capturing a time and a summer place. What’s emerged is a boy meets girl/sea-going adventure/revenge tale laced with a debunking of some of the pretensions rampant in the art world of today. The intricate plot accelerates as the story unfolds. Its winning, charming narrator engages tentatively with a squadron of self-absorbed manipulators, both New Yorkers and locals, as his own life gathers focus and intention. The genre is playful, but nothing is farfetched. Even a several-chapter encounter with a trapped whale carcass serves the tale and leads on to its climax. This Is Not My Bathing Suit is a novel of ideas – about art, intimacy, eroticism, beauty, integrity, power, and the saving grace of kindness. Though lives are never at stake and the hero is never near to actual catastrophe (but merely coming into his own), issues of life and death are probed from unexpected perspectives. The narrative is real but allegorical—a good, funny and engaging read. The book is populated with characters from Agrafiotis’ own seaside realm, vivacious, curious, intense, even dear, and recognizable to readers who may have summered north of Boston. There’s meaning here for serious reviewers, and for readers who think about creating, about seeing and about comprehending. This one’s special.”

Carl Belz, Director Emeritus Rose Museum, Former Editor-in-Chief – Art New England Magazine

“A laugh-laced skeptical romp through our postmodern art world dedicated to spectacle and entertainment.”

Jay Parini, novelist, poet, critic and author of The Last Station. Parini is Gore Vidal’s literary executor

“Terrific writing. Clear, crisp prose is something very hard to find these days.
It has a bright, hard surface shimmer – I love that.”

Baron Wormser, Maine Poet Laureate Emeritus, Author of Teach Us that Peace and The Road Washes Out in Spring

“The novel is droll and wonderful. The characters are strong and original.”

Alexander Brook, author of The Hard Way

“A wonderful, cerebral novel. Hints of a multi-level, contemporary American Lucky Jim – with nautical adventure
adding layers to the plot.”

Paul Brockelman, author of The Inside Story

“This Is Not My Bathing Suit is a surprising page-turner…a philosphical and funny journey”
through absurdity toward understanding.”

Geri Thoma, Writer’s House, New York

“The novel is alert and alive with flashes of brilliance and strong and interesting ideas about art.”